Grilled Cheese Tomato and Pepper Soup



_MG_0094-1GraphicSpoonCMYK-01This, guys.  This!  I’ve been imagining this in my head for a few weeks now, and the end product did not disappoint.  I know this is the second soup in a row I’ve posted, but it’s that good.

I like french onion soup.  I do.  But when I’m being honest, the whole reason I like it is because of the toasty, melty, oozy cheesy cheese toast on top.  And I thought “Why does french onion soup get to have all the cheesy fun?!”  Tomato soup is a perfect candidate for this because of the classic tomato soup and grilled cheese combo we all know and love.  But it’s not just a “grilled cheese and tomato soup” flavor.  It almost tastes like deep dish pizza.  Just trust me and make this soon, please. I know you’ll enjoy it.

I don’t like my tomato soup very brothy (it needs some body to hold up the toast), but simply add a bit more broth if it’s too thick for you.  Homemade broth is a special treat to use for soup if you have some in your freezer.  And don’t forget to salt this without abandon.  Tomatoes beg for salt, and it just won’t taste right if you don’t use enough.  I used a mix of smoked provolone and smoked cheddar on top.  If you can’t find smoked cheese, regular will work, but try to use smoked if you can.  It makes it special (as does the smoked paprika vs. regular paprika, and those sun dried tomatoes for added earthiness).  Another important note is to use a good crusty bread (no plain ol’ sandwich bread!), and make sure to toast it nice and dry so it won’t turn to mush.  Using a cast iron isn’t necessary- any oven safe bowl will work (but how cute is this personal size cast iron)?

The recipe is linked at the bottom of the post!  Enjoy!

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