Coconut Citrus Tea Cakes

_MG_0289-1GraphicSpoonCMYK-01Happy New Year!  A little late.  It should be fitting that my first post of the New Year is my first cheat from my Resolution, right?!  I’ve been doing so well with clean eating, and I have a lot of recipes to share, but this afternoon was the first chance I’ve gotten to spend time photographing all the steps, and the first time I thought to myself “I NEED SOMETHING SWEET.”

I was scrolling through a few blogs for some inspiration last night and found myself loving so many things on La Gallette’s beautiful blog, and then after about about 10 minutes I looked at her “about” section and saw that she’s only 17!  Then I thought “HOW do I not have it more together at 32??” When I was 17 I was waiting tables and loving food and cooking, but blogging wasn’t really a “thing” yet, I had hardly any money for rent much less props for styling, and I still had a 35mm SLR.  At this point in my life, I’m just beginning to be able to carve out enough time for myself to occasionally post recipes without having to worry about a dining room wall covered in permanent marker or a toilet filled with… well, use your imagination.  Archer is 3 and Violet is 5 and they’re at a point where they play together without constant need for hovering supervision *mostly,* and when Archer starts pre-k this August I have so many plans for my time!  I have to work on being able to focus my time and attention wisely.

So back to La Gallette’s blog… I noticed a particular recipe that substituted ground coconut flakes for powdered sugar and I wanted to hug her!  What a fantastic idea!  I don’t have a coffee or spice grinder, so I had to make do with my food processor, but a grinder is on my list of things to get soon so I can do this more often, and top desserts with it rather than powdered sugar.  I decided to try using ground coconut and ground almonds in place of some flour in a little treat!  These little tea cakes are so good.  The texture is like a muffin or a cake doughnut, but the shape of the mini bundt cake, the airiness from the egg whites, and the delicate glaze makes these feel more “feminine” than a plain ol’ muffin.  But if a muffin tin is all ya got, they make great muffins too!  I’d even say they’d make for a great glazed bread!  I wanted to make this without any processed sugar, but after tasting the finished cake it really just begged for the glaze, and it’s surely less than a teaspoon or two on each cake.  It goes from being not quite sweet enough to being the perfect amount of sweetness without your teeth hurting!

I’ll admit I did overfill the tins- they rose more than I expected them to!  So look at the photo of how full I piped them into the tin, and scale back a bit if you want a flatter bottom. I didn’t mind it though, as it created a little pool in the middle rather than a hole so the extra glaze got stuck in there.

I hope you make these soon and enjoy them as much as we did!  If you love them, post a photo on instagram with the hashtag #stoleyourrecipe!

Click the link under the photos to view the printable recipe!

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