Mango Champagne Sorbet with Key Lime and Honey


GraphicSpoonCMYK-01 It’s atoulfo mango season! I look forward to this all year. These mangoes are something special. Buttery and sweet with a thin pit, so you don’t feel like you’re only getting to eat a fraction of the fruit like most mangoes you’ll find year round at the grocery store. You know that sound when you start slicing through the typical mango- that crunch that tells you you’ve started to cut too close to the pit. It’s discouraging! But the atoulfo mango (or champagne mango) is different. They’re admittedly not as pretty, but the lovely taste makes up for that.

A few years ago I asked for (and got) all things summer for my birthday- an ice cream maker, popsicle molds, a sno-cone machine… I’d say I was ready for the Arkansas heat! I found a case of these gorgeous mangoes and decided to give my new ice cream maker a go with some sorbet. I found a recipe that called for water, sugar and rum. I know that when making a sorbet, the sugar and alcohol keeps it from freezing into an impenetrable rock. I really didn’t feel like getting out with a newborn Archer and a tiny Violet, so I searched my kitchen and found some of those adorable pink Sofia mini cans of Blanc de Blancs! “Hey!” I thought, “Sparkling wine has plenty of sugar and alcohol!” And how perfect does mango and champagne sound together? I played around with the measurements, and I’ve since come up with my absolute favorite recipe for sorbet on the planet. What I love most about it is the simplicity of the ingredients and the fact that you can literally taste every single ingredient in each bite, because there are only four of them. The mango comes first, then the fizzy champagne on the tip of your tongue, then the sweet tang of key lime juice + zest, and then it’s almost as if you smell the honey before you realize you taste it. So good. Truly. Summer in a bite! I like to store this in 1 cup freezer friendly containers so I can prevent myself from eating it all in one sitting, and it seems like it softens “just so” a little faster that way.

This is a recipe that I hold dear. I feel proud to have “found it.” One of my favorite things about cooking is that there is a limitless combination of edibles in this world, and we have the ability to share and experiment and find a combination that just stops you in your tracks and begs you to take note. I hope you’ll try this soon, and that you’ll enjoy it with your loved ones. It’s what makes the “sharing” part of this blog so rewarding!

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