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GraphicSpoonCMYK-01In my house, during the school year, we have Pancake Sundays. It’s a celebrated ritual and my kids make sure we don’t miss a week! During the gloriousness of summer break though, we get to be wild and make pancakes whenever we want! Today was one of those days. Summer break is such a fun hustle and bustle for us. We try to cram in as many  adventures we can before school starts back. I panic when I count how many weekends are left! We’ve been going and doing for the last week, so this morning I decided to slow down and make some pancakes with a maple berry syrup. I had to forcibly remove the spoon from my daughter’s hand as I discovered her trying to polish off the bowl of berry syrup after breakfast, smiling at me sheepishly with her purple stained mouth. Lesson learned this morning: it’s hard to be mad at a little girl covered in purple syrup.

This is one of those recipes that I feel is almost a part of who I am; they’re an integral part of my kids’ childhood and I like to imagine they’ll make them for their own kids someday, while thinking about me. They’re indulgent and thick, and they melt in your mouth. I overheard someone not long ago mention how they didn’t know why pancakes are called pan”cakes” because they’re not really like cakes at all. I felt sad for that person, because he’d obviously not had pancakes like my pancakes. I’m pretty sure if you stacked them high enough and used buttercream they’d pass for a pretty amazing tiny wedding cake (idea stashed away for future reference)! I’ve made them so many times I can whip them up and have them on the table in under 7 minutes. If you’re used to using a box mix, please give these a chance instead! I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced to start your own Pancake Sunday tradition (or Pancake Tuesday).



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