Honey Maple Banana Bread


GraphicSpoonCMYK-01One of my all time favorite movies (as is common for someone born in the early 80’s) is Fried Green Tomatoes. One of my favorite scenes is when Idgy gets the honeycomb out of the tree with no bee gear on. I remember being memorized by how wonderfully raw and beautiful honey is: I don’t think I ever knew where it came from before watching that scene. If honey is the sweetest gift, honeycomb is the prettiest! Bananas and honey are a heavenly combination, and when you include equally pure and golden maple syrup, well, you’ve got the perfect Sunday treat!

My ideal banana bread is sturdy, moist and sweet. I want to be able to spread my butter or cream cheese on without it falling apart, but I want it sweet enough to eat alone, and I absolutely want it to be as far from dry as possible!

My son can eat his weight in bananas, but I buy more than we need on purpose sometimes to be able to make banana bread at the end of the week. This week was one of those weeks.

This bread calls for whole wheat flour and uses a mix of honey + maple syrup in place of some of the sugar, and I use brown sugar rather than white. It’s not because I want to try to pass this bread off as “healthy,” but because I think bananas lend themselves to these raw, hearty flavors. This loaf turned out how I imagined the best loaf would. It was a success!

While not much can beat a warm slice of sweet banana bread with salted butter slathered on, and I’m usually a fan of “the simpler the better,” I have to admit my favorite way to enjoy banana bread is with cream cheese, a spoon of strawberry jam, and slices of ripe kiwifruit. A drizzle of honey on top of all of that is just for indulgent’s sake. It makes it worthy of a fork dessert for guests rather than a simple sweet snack to use up old bananas. Although both situations are worthy of making this bread!

Click on the link below the photos to view and steal the full recipe!

The darker the spots, the better.


Break the bananas into bite size pieces in a large bowl.


Melt butter halfway in a mug, then add the brown sugar, syrup and honey, and melt altogether (about 30 seconds).

Pour hot honey maple caramel over bananas, and mash with potato masher until mostly smooth (there will be lumps; Let there be lumps). _MG_0241-1 _MG_0246-1

Add the rest of the ingredients (wet, then dry), and pour into greased loaf pan. I drizzled about 2 teaspoons of maple syrup over the top of the batter in the pan before going into the oven, because it was left in the measuring cup and who lets pure maple syrup go to waste?!


When it comes out of the oven, take a few deep breathes in and enjoy the way your entire kitchen smells. Then very carefully remove the loaf from the pan and cool on a rack.


Slice and serve however you want. You can’t go wrong. Although warm is always better.

My favorite way to eat banana bread:_MG_0030-2 ig blog photo 2 IG blog shot banana breadCLICK HERE TO VIEW AND PRINT RECIPE!