Butternut Squash Soup with Crispy Sage and Bacon



GraphicSpoonCMYK-01This was my “Okay Fall, I’m giving up on Summer- I’m all yours” meal.  We had the best summer, browsing the farmers markets, picking berries and peaches until my freezer filled, staying up late, and waking up slow.  I love Fall, but this year it has some big shoes to fill with how great our summer was (my daughter Violet started full-time pre-k last year so you could say it was our first “official summer” and we took advantage of the fact that it was to end)!

This soup certainly reminded me that Fall has it’s perks.  Even though here in Central Arkansas we don’t many year-round farmer’s markets, the grocery stores around me always do well with getting fresh seasonal produce, we have a great “you pick” apple orchard, and a pecan grove that lets you keep half of what you pick for free!  I’ll finally admit, I’m ready for winter squash, and I’ve already broken out the can o’ pumpkin stash from last year.  Fade my tan and fill my belly!

This soup is so easy and comforting!  I adore bacon occasionally, but so rarely cook with it.  This soup is one of the few dishes that I would strongly recommend using just a few slices.  If you really don’t want the added calories or want to make it vegetarian, use chopped sun-dried tomatoes (and fry the sage in olive oil).

Scroll down for a printable link to the recipe! I hope you give it a try!











Click here for the PRINTABLE recipe!