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Honeycomb Granola


GraphicSpoonCMYK-01Do you ever have a grand idea that in your mind makes you so proud of yourself? Where you pat yourself on the back before you even see if your idea would even work? And then when you test the idea, and it fails miserably, you realize how absolutely, embarrassingly ridiculous it was to even think for a second that the idea would work? No? Oh… Well I do, and that’s me today. I was making granola last night and as I poured the honey out of my local honey jar that still held a big chunk of honeycomb in it, and I thought “Hmmm! I wonder if little chunks of honeycomb would taste good in the granola?!” The honey inside the hexes of the comb is the most condensed, most raw form of honey. Once taken from the comb, it tends to attract water from the air, diluting itself. So I chopped about half of it up into bits and mixed it in. When the granola came out of the oven, I couldn’t see a speck of honeycomb anywhere! I thought that I must’ve just chopped them too small. So I went and bought another jar of (not cheap!) honey with honeycomb this morning and brought it home to perfect this genius idea I had of oat covered, toasty-crunchy-chewy honeycomb chunks to snack on and top my yogurt with! I heated my knife up and painstakingly sliced the honeycomb into perfect little cubes and ever-so-gently mixed them into the granola mixture like tiny newborn babies were inside. When I took the pan out of the oven after 10 minutes to stir the granola around, the honeycomb had disappeared again! And when I saw the puddles of thick, shiny, gooey sticky-sweet mixture surrounding where they were, my expression changed immediately, as the delayed light bulb finally went off. Honeycomb is beeswax… Wax… Wax melts. Okay. I knew that. I was fully aware of these facts, yet in my head I just knew I’d just invented the best thing ever- toasted honeycomb. Please don’t give up all hope on me. I have these moments sometimes, and we should all just shake our heads and move on. Deal? It’s Friday, apparently my brain is done for the week.

But wait! After what I thought was the stupidest thing I’d ever done, I tasted the granola, and it is freaking fantastic. It’s almost “praline-ish.” Like a mix of granola and honey brittle. Because I used honey and the comb, it ended up being a lot of honey in that pan! Let’s get one thing straight though- this isn’t the kind of granola you can sprinkle with abandon on your yogurt and claim you’re watching your waistline. It’s all but dessert. It clumps beautifully and is shiny and delicious, and the honey flavor knocks your socks off! It’s really worth it to use the honeycomb, you just don’t need to be as delicate with it as I was. Glad no one was watching! What a goof I am, but hey, it was a happy ending. Click on the link under these photos to view and print the recipe!






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